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Welcome to OscarDelta SPD.

We work closely with independent product makers/inventors
who have exceptional skills and a life long passion for
craftsmanship & innovation.

We specialise in the manufacturing and sourcing of materials
for SERE (Survival Evasion Resistance and Extraction).
All products are designed with consideration for limited
SAWC (Space/Size And Weight Constraints).

Our restricted products are made exclusively for verified
law enforcement, military personnel, security agencies,
DoD/MoD civilians and contract service personnel that are
at risk of becoming Isolated, Missing, Detained or
Captured (IMDC) while serving abroad - usually thought of during conflict.

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We stock the largest selection of
SERE Tools, E&E Tools and
Covert Concealment Devices

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APEK2.1: Advanced Personal Escape Kit
REK-VP1.0: Restraint Escape Kit Vacuum Pack
Tech205 Advanced Friction Saw (spare)
AFS205: Advanced Friction Saw Tech205

550-VP: Vacuum Packed 550 cord
T72 Hybrid Technora® Boot Laces "Stronger Than Steel"
FRS: Folding Razor Saw
Pendant Rig - 550 Neck Carry "Breakaway" Lanyard
Dummy Cord QD Breakaway Tether
FR960 Fire Retardant Boot Laces
SSB2 - Stealth Snatch Bag
SSB1.5 - Urban Grey Stealth Snatch Bag
Stash Bombs - 3, 6, 9, 12 inch
LDK - Last Ditch Kit/Escape/Evasion Tools
LDK - Last Ditch Kit Grab Bags
DTMP - Disruptive Thinker Morale Patch - The Netherlands

The world's most advanced survival bracelets

FR-TECH960 - Micro Button FireSteel Striker
Zero Dark Micro Button - Ferro Rod Toggle

Hybrid Technora®
Micro FireSteel - Ceramic Striker
Jute Tinder Inner Core
13mm SERE GITD Button Compass

Always have an escape plan...

Updated: 210CT201414

New - Stealth Snatch Bag - Type 1.5
SERE Black Ops Belt v2.4 (Money / Stash / Travel)
SERE Black Ops "V" Cutter
DCT: Deep Carry Tube
Go-Tubes Deep Carry Concealment Devices
FQ Mil-Spec Speed Laces
HIRRS / SOLAS Self Adhesive Discs
SERE Go-Cord 960
Go-Pouch 34: Stealth Carry Device
Go-Pouch 46: Stealth Carry Device

REK-VPS: Restraint Escape Kit
Universal Handcuff Keys
Handcuff Shims - Padlock Shims
Bogota Titanium Picks
Lock Bypass Tools - Micro Escape Tools
Ceramic Razor Blades
Diamond Wire Blades - Warded Key Sets
Covert Escape Tool - Concealment Devices
Advanced Handcuff Key

ZIRFFEROTECH Advanced Bracelet
Zero Dark Credit Card
Zero Dark Snap Tag
Disruptive Thinker Morale Patch
Always Have An Escape Plan Morale Patch
LDK SERE Kits - Stash Bombs
MCA Multi Carry Attachment
Micro Striker Disc
Pitch Black Self-Adhesive Discs

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