The GTFO-Wrist-Strap® is a concept originally developed in 2014 by Karl OscarDelta to facilitate emergency vehicle egress via side or rear windows in confined spaces.

The GTFO-Wrist-Strap® 2.0 is the latest version...

The Mission
Enhance the performance of a discreet and wearable rescue tool capable of destroying tempered glass.

From Concept > Production
The Ballistic-Striker-Bead® is a premium product manufactured to a high specification:

- No rough or sharp edges
- Polished for a smooth finish
- Resistant to oxidation
- Non-slip texture to aid deployment

Hits Different
The primary function of the Ballistic-Striker-Bead® is to impact and destroy tempered glass using kinetic energy and force to aid rescue from a vehicle via the side or rear windows.

Trust The Science
The hardness of the Ballistic-Striker-Bead® (Hv30 1750) exceeds the core hardness of armour-piercing ammunition (Hv30 1450) , so you only need a small amount (1.2g) to deliver the 'impact, energy and work' to destroy tempered glass on the first strike!

Impact and Work
Work occurs when a force is applied to move an object a certain distance. Therefore, work is equal to force multiplied by distance:


Impact and Energy
Energy is defined as the ability to do work. During an impact, an object's energy is converted into work. The energy of a moving object is called kinetic energy, and is equal to one half of the object's mass times the square of its velocity:


Just a single strike directed from the wrist strap is enough to break glass!

To deploy simply remove wrist strap, place around thumb and forefinger, pull back on the Ballistic-Striker-Bead® and release...

Watch the videos - http://www.gtfo-wrist-strap.com/

We only use the best quality shock-cord available:

- Braided Poly Outer
- Natural Rubber Core
- UV Stabilised

The GTFO-Wrist-Strap features our End User Adjustment System for a custom fit - not too tight, not too loose...just right!

The Original Window Breaker GTFO Bracelet For Vehicle Escape & Rescue!

GTFO-WRIST-STRAP® is a registered trademark. Ballistic-Striker-Bead® is a registered trademark.


£12.50 GBP


£12.50 GBP


We have a limited stock of the 1.0 version....


£12.50 GBP


*** 150CT2023: Now supplied with a TWISTLOCK as standard when ordered with any GTFO-Wrist-Strap® ***

This is the latest version of the AHK designed to retrofit to the GTFO-Wrist-Strap® without the requirement to undo the knots. So if you already own a GTFO-Wrist-Strap® you can now add a handcuff key...

To install the AHK3-rf:

Simply position the channel of the key over the shock-cord
Pull and stretch the shock-cord
Insert shock-cord inside the key
Release the cord
The shock-cord will expand to its normal size inside the key.

To remove the AHK3-rf:

Hold the shock-cord
Pull on the key to extract the shock-cord from the channel.
Your AHK3 is now ready to use...

The AHK-rf works just like any other AHK3 to counter the security features found on high security handcuffs (key blocking blade, large keyway pin, deep set keyhole etc.)

The AHK3 has a full depth slit in the key flag to counter the stainless steel security plate on ASP High Security handcuffs.

From December 2020 we manufactured the AHK3 with the addition of a groove to indicate the direction of the key-flag when it's inside the key-way.

This new version has been in circulation since January 2021. The AHK-rf also features the groove.

Note: Where the AHK3 is sold as the 'Delta Key' it will be the older style AHK3 without the groove and channel.

The AHK3 works on the following handcuffs plus more that share the common key-way:


The AHK3 also operates handcuffs that have a bent pin in the keyway that would otherwise block a standard handcuff key.

Very little pressure is required to operate handcuffs with a key - never force a key to turn!

'Tactical' handcuff keys are prone to breaking when such excessive stress/torque is applied.This is a known issue with polymer handcuff keys that can result in a blocked keyway.

If the AHK breaks it has been designed to fragment into small parts that can be shaken free from the working parts, so it should not block the keyway and therefore allow for a back-up key to be used. When using the AHK we recommend that you use it to 'pick and sweep' the lock, taking care to feel for the movement of the working parts.

Gently rocking and tilting the key works best for some handcuffs and altering the depth works for others.

Attaching anything to the AHK to assist with turning the key can result in excess torque being applied.

£8.00 GBP/each (GTFO-Wrist-Strap® not included).