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Stealth Snatch Bag - Type 1.5

The Stealth Snatch Bag is the ultimate lightweight bag that can be stuffed in your pocket ready for deployment.
Use it as an everyday carry bag or supplement your existing (BOB) Bug Out Bag / Go-Bag / Grab-Bag for gathering up those last minute items.

For light-weight back packing simply drop in a dry sack and you are good to go!

The no fuss construction allows gear to be snatched and stuffed into the bag as quickly
and efficiently as possible as there are no buckles, Velcro, zips to get in the way.

There are 2 ways to fill this bag in a hurry...

With just one one opening and nothing to get in the way.
Just pull open the bag and throw the items in; cinch the bag closed with the cord and go!
The other method involves placing the open end of the bag over the items to
scoop everything up. Turn the bag so the items drop to the bottom and then cinch up - very quick!


- Compact & Lightweight (complies with SAWC - Size And Weight Constraints)
- Strong (as strong as any mil-spec day sack)
- Sleek & Stealth (no fuss anti-snag exterior, silent operation)
- Low Profile (made to look like a draw-string bag)
- SERE Go Cord 960 Straps (2 x 7ft) - ITW Nexus Twin-Hole Spring-Locks
- Cord Ends Finished with Diamond Stopper Knot
- Fully Adjustable Ride Height
- Triple Stitched
- Taped Seams
- Internal ITW Nexus D-Ring
- External Velcro hoop panel for attaching morale patches etc.

The Stealth Snatch Bag 1.5 is custom made in the UK using materials sourced from the USA.

This is a revised version of the original SSB1. Click here for Buy Now page
Also available from HettyKat