Real Gear for Real People

Custom Made Exclusively for the Military, Law Enforcement and Security Agencies

Super 8 Mil-Spec Survival EUAS II Bracelet 550
SERE Go Cord EUAS II Bracelet 960
Hybrid Kevlar® (HBK) EUAS II Bracelet 719
Hybrid Technora® (HBT) EUAS II Bracelet 715
FQ550 Rapid Deployment Bracelet
SAR Dog Tag Signal Device - SOLAS
K72 Hybrid Kevlar® Boot Laces "Stronger Than Steel"
T72 Hybrid Technora® Boot Laces "Stronger Than Steel"
FRS: Folding Razor Saw
Go-Tubes SOLAS Retro Reflective Safety
FQFOB - 6ft 550 Rapid Deployment Cord
Pendant Rig - 550 Neck Carry "Breakaway" Lanyard
New - Dummy Cord QD Breakaway Tether

New - Stealth Snatch Bag - Type I
SERE Black Ops Belt v2.3 (Money / Stash / Travel)
SERE Black Ops "V" Cutter
DCT: Deep Carry Tube
Go-Tubes Deep Carry Concealment Devices
FQ Mil-Spec Speed Laces
New - HIRRS / SOLAS Self Adhesive Discs
SERE Go-Cord 960 - coming soon

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