Developed by 4TAC5 the Duty Extender is a simple solution that will allow for our AHK3 (Advanced Handcuff Key) to be carried and used as a 'duty handcuff key'
making it easier to hold and operate.The shock cord retention strap can be used to attach the Duty Extender on your belt loop, Molle/PALS and can also
be used to secure the Duty Extender on your wrist. There is sufficient space inside the Duty Extender to carry a mini light-stick, Uber Gulag Shim and a spare AHK3.

In response to requests from law enforcement and security professionals the Duty Extender Good-to-Go comes pre-installed with our AHK3 and 316 stainless steel
split rings that provide enhanced corrosion resistance, especially for more saline or chloride-exposed environments.

Duty Extender Good-to-Go

£10.00 GBP

If you already own an AHK3 the Duty Extender is also available on it's own.
The R Clip (also not included) can be used as an alternative to our 316 Stainless Steel Split Ring.

£1.00 GBP

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Designed by 4TAC5.COM and manufactured in the UK by OscarDelta SPD.

The SAD Tool is 301 Full Hard Stainless Steel that differs from other forms of 301 in that it has been hard cold rolledto its full hard condition.
This increases its fatigue life. In its full hard condition,type 301 stainless steel has a tensile strength of 185,000 PSI minimum, and a minimum
yield strength of 140,000 PSI.

There are 5 tools that with the appropriate skills, knowledge and understanding can be used to facilitate escape from unlawful
restraints and captivity using non-destructive methods.

It is recommended that you have one spare SAD Tool that can be used for 'development' to explore the capabilities and potential
applications of the tool. These 'special activities' would require access to a set of handcuffs, heavy duty cable-ties
and a budget padlock (pin and cylinder that locks on one side of the shackle). With practice you will be able to remove handcuffs without a key
(single and double/transport lock), open a budget padlock without a key and remove cable-ties using non-destructive methods.


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These are premium quality British made rust proof safety pins manufactured from high tensile stainless steel spring wire.
They will not bend or deform easily so can be used to perform some of the functions of the SAD Tool.

A compression spring has been installed to allow for various carry and concealment options for Bogota Lock Picks and our SAD Tool.

£1.50 GBP

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This item is so covert that we cannot even show a picture of it!

Designed by 4TAC5.COM this tool facilitates emergency vehicle egress via side or rear windows in confined spaces.
The material of the projectile is also used in armour-piercing ammunition and only a small amount is required to destroy tempered glass.
So don't be surprised by its small size, just a single strike directed from the wrist strap is enough to break glass!

To deploy simply remove wrist strap, place around thumb and forefinger, pull back on the projectile and release...

Now features our End User Adjustment System for a custom fit - not too tight, not too loose...just right!

Note: This product contains LATEX.

£6.50 GBP

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The Uber Gulag Shim is a combination of the original Uber Shim and Gulag Shim.

Developed by 4TAC5.COM and precision engineered in the UK the unique length, width and thickness ensures it will
work with a wider selection of handcuffs that would otherwise resist or fail to shim with other commercially available shims.

These include American UZI, British TCH, Czech ALFAproj, Polish KEL-MET, Russian BRS-2, Russian CROT and Spanish ALYCON.

When using the Uber Gulag Shim the silky smooth operation almost makes shimming effortless!

In additional to its unique design features the Uber Gulag Shim is 301 Full Hard Stainless Steel that differs
from other forms of 301 in that it has been hard cold rolled to its full hard condition. This increases its fatigue life.
In its full hard condition, type 301 stainless steel has a tensile strength of 185,000 PSI minimum, and a minimum yield strength
of 140,000 PSI. So unlike spring steel the Uber Shim will not easily snap when bent so it is possible to reshape and straighten.

- Stainless Steel
- Non-Magnetic
- Rust Resistant
- Silent Operation.

Tip: Do not force the shim as you will bend it! Always start shimming where the ratchet arm enters, there should be a small gap,
insert the tip of the shim and at the same time slightly push in the ratchet arm to assist (push assist).
Only do this if the shim is moving between the ratchet and pawls (teeth) otherwise you risk over-tightening the handcuffs.
In the event that shimming does not work it is possible that the handcuffs are either double-locked or have security features to prevent shimming.

The Uber Gulag Shim is available with a selection of options that assist with dexterity and allow for discreet carry and concealment options.

Advanced User: To cater for variations in the width of some handcuffs (cheap copies, damaged, painted, coated etc.) it is possible to taper the end slightly with
our abrasive paper. Simply rub both sides of the shim to reduce the overall width by fractions of a milimeter.


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This is the latest FT-CCK developed for individuals that are prone to capture:

- T600 Friction Saw
- Technora Escape Necklace installed with AHK3, Uber Gulag Shim, R Clip
- Uber Gulag Shim with 120lb Stainless Steel Split Ring.
- Uber Gulag Shim with AHK3 and R Clip.
- GTFO Wrist Strap.
- SAD Tool installed with High Tensile Stainless Safety Pin and Compression Spring attachment.

With training, skills and knowledge the FT-CCK2 contains essential tools for dealing with various methods of restraint.

This is the same kit that we issue during our Fast Track Counter Custody Course (FT-C3).

We recommend that you carry 4 Uber Gulag Shims, one worn high (on Technora Escape Necklace),
one worn low (SAD Tool), one worn on waist line front (Uber Gulag Shim with Stainless Steel Split Ring)
and one worn on the waist line rear (Uber Gulag Shim with AHK3 and R Clip).

The T600 Friction Saw should be carried and concealed so it can be accessed from the front or rear.

The GTFO Wrist Strap is for breaking tempered glass windows. Simply place the tungsten carbide micro striker bead
against the window and then hold and pull back on the elastic; release the bead to break the glass.

The SAD Tool can be used to bypass handcuffs, basic locks, pry open cable-ties.

£35.00 GBP


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This is a covert necklace designed for use as a friction saw to cut through non-metallic restraints when restrained to the front.
There is no preparation required (knots to tie etc.). Feed one end of the cord through the restraint.
Place the foot loops over the toe part of your shoes or if barefoot between the big toe and increase the tension of the
cord so it positions itself on the lower part of the restraint to avoid friction injuries.
Now move your feet in a slow pedal motion and gradually build up speed.
The heat from the friction will burn through the restraint.

This tool can also be used to unlock some Darby Handcuffs
(male version with screw thread) and can also be utilised as a very effective garrotte.

Tip: For silently removing cable-ties and nylon rope you do not need to use the cutting knots. Keep within the two knots
to keep the noise to a minimum. Add a cutting knot to the middle of the necklace for natural rope and cord (hemp etc.)

The Technora Escape Necklace also features the Micro Striker Bead Tungsten Carbide (MSB-TC) for breaking tempered glass windows
(car side windows). Concealed inside the plastic breakaway connector the MSB-TC is hidden until you require it. To deploy you pull on the cord
either side of the breakaway connector to pull apart. The MSB-TC is seated inside the female part. Simply pull the plastic female part
down the cord and past the first cutting knot whilst holding onto the MSB-TC. Now wrap the cord around your hand and leave about 12 inches
of cord hanging free with the MSB-TC on the end. Swing the MSB-TC towards the glass - very little force is required as the mineral hardness
of the MSD (9.5 MOHS) is greater than glass (will punch a hole in a glass bottle!). You can use this to escape from a car or rescue persons from
a car (the friction saw will cut seat-belts).

Silicone Retainers fitted as standard to carry the tools (Light Sticks, Bogota Picks, Shims, Modified Hair Grip, Handcuff keys etc.)

£10.00 GBP

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The best flashlight is the one you have when you need it most...

Already known for being the smallest LED available the AtomLight has been selected and upgraded by 4TAC5 for
installing on our Technora Escape Necklace/Advanced Personal Escape Kit (APEK).

The AtomLight features a Hellerman Helsyn H100 Neoprene sleeve with an operating temperature of -65℃ to +95℃
The sleeve protects the AtomLight from water ingress (not submersible) and provides an extended hood for covert use so you can
direct the light where you need it. For illuminating a wider area simply remove the hood.
To activate the light simply hold the body and twist clockwise at the lanyard hole.
Twist anti-clockwise to turn off.

You will notice that even after a short burst of light the AtomLight will glow bright green.
This feature allows for you to conserve the batteries when spares are not readily available.

The battery cells on the AtomLight are replaceable:

1. Hold by the lanyard hole and pull to remove the Neoprene sleeve.
2. Keep turning the light anti-clockwise so it unscrews fully (do this over a clear and flat surface to retain small parts).
3. The cells will now be accessible inside.
3. Replace 3 x AG1 / 364 / SR621SW cells into the clear plastic sleeve that contained the old cells.
4. With the fresh cells installed in the same polarity, screw the unit back together.
5. Replace the Neoprene sleeve.

Install takes just seconds with the stainless steel split ring and cable-tie included.


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This is the latest generation of AHK designed to counter the security features found on high security handcuffs (key blocking blade, large keyway pin,
deep set keyhole etc.) The AHK3 has a full depth slit in the key flag to counter the stainless steel security plate on ASP High Security handcuffs.
The AHK3 also operates handcuffs that have a bent pin in the keyway that would otherwise block a standard handcuff key.

The addition of a 2.5mm x 100mm cable tie allows for carry and concealment options (belt loops, behind buttons, zip pull, boot eyelet etc.)
whilst allowing for access when restrained to the front or rear).

Phosphate coated steel construction.
2.5mm x 100mm Cable Tie installed.

Tip: Very little pressure is required to operate handcuffs with a key - never force a key to turn!
'Tactical' handcuff keys are prone to breaking when such excessive stress/torque is applied.
This is a known issue with polymer handcuff keys that can result in a blocked keyway.
If the AHK breaks it has been designed to fragment into small parts that can be shaken free from the working parts,
so it should not block the keyway and therefore allow for a back-up key to be used.
When using the AHK we recommend that you use it to 'pick and sweep' the lock, taking care to feel for the
movement of the working parts. Gently rocking and tilting the key works best for some handcuffs and altering the depth
works for others. Attaching anything to the AHK to assist with turning the key can result in excess torque being applied.


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When installed with the Advanced Handcuff Key the R Clip can improve manual dexterity. This is particularly useful when handcuffed
to the rear and for advanced escape techniques such as the 'reach around' developed to deal with rigid and hinged handcuffs that are double-locked
with keyway facing inwards. The R Clip can also be used as an actuator to double-lock / apply the transport lock on some handcuffs.

Our R Clips are stainless steel and manufactured in a single coil design.

£0.50 GBP

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Modified to sweep single locked handcuffs (bent end) and straight end will shim German Clejuso handcuffs
and any other handcuff with a slim body (single pawl, leg irons).
With further modification can be used as a bypass tool on warded padlocks.

£1.00 GBP (2pk)

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Our 316 stainless steel split rings provide enhanced corrosion resistance,especially for more saline
or chloride-exposed environments.

These are the same split rings that come pre-intalled with our Duty Extender Good-to-Go
and not your typical nickle plated or 304 stainless steel split rings...

316 stainless steel is used in industrial applications involving processing chemicals, as well as high-saline environments
such as coastal regions. Due to its non-reactive qualities, 316 stainless steel is also used in the manufacture of medical surgical instruments.

£0.75 GBP

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£7.50 GBP