The Poorman's Tablet has been developed for special operations forces who require the ability to take notes,
record information and sketch in adverse weather conditions, low light and hostile environments.

The Poorman's Tablet is ideal for medics, search and rescue, law enforcement, security, military personnel and anyone
that is required to take notes on the go, outdoors in all weathers or simply requires a robust go anywhere notepad.

...in the 3rd world out in the middle of nowhere with no supply line you would be surprised how fast things as simple as paper run out,
and how to have a simple tool like this is a good option and a weight saver if you are in to the minimalistic approach.
- Ed's Manifesto

The PMT-A6 weighs 51g and measures 4 x 6 inches so it will comfortably fit in a pocket. It can be attached and worn on outer clothing,
equipment for quick and easy access. It can also be used as a writing support for standard 3 x 5 inch notepads.

- Tactical Non-Reflective Matte Black Notepad
- No Batteries Required
- Waterproof
- Carabiner / Lanyard Attachment
- Write In The Rain With Graphite Or Chinagraph Pencil
- Write Underwater With Chinagraph Pencil
- Write In The Dark With White Chinagraph Pencil
- Use Eraser To Remove Graphite or Chinagraph Pencil Marks
- Use Alcohol, Acetone or WD40 To Remove Chinagraph Marks
- Safe, Secure and Sterile


The PMT-A6 does not produce heat, flames or sparks so it can also be used safely in areas of combustible gasses or liquids.
It is also completely non-magnetic and non-metallic.


We all know that electronic devices are prone to 'leaking information' but paper is not always the best option to 'go dark'.

Writing on notepads or other paper surface creates indented impressions on the paper beneath the original writings.
The indented impressions are not always visible to the naked eye and have been recovered from up to seven layers of paper.
Documents that may contain indented impressions not visible to the naked eye can be visualised through the use of an Electrostatic Detection Device (EDD)
such as the Electrostatic Detection Apparatus (ESDA). An EDD uses applied charges and toner to visualise areas of indented writing,
making them visible to the eye. Even documents that were shredded or burned may prove useful if reconstructed.

If you have to take a note on paper you can place the Poorman's Tablet underneath to stop an indented impression on the other layers of paper.
When you erase a note from the Poorman's Tablet it is gone for good with no risk of leaving an indented impression that can be recovered at a later date.
The Poorman's Tablet ensures you are always working from a 'clean slate'!


The PMT-A6 is free from manufacturers stamps and marks.

PRE-ORDER for dispatch on 15AUG2017 £7.50 GBP

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These cable-ties have been selected by 4TAC5.COM for their restraint escape, counter custody and counter escape training.
They are heavy duty and will resist the restraint breakout techniques typically demonstrated on social media websites.


10mm x 450mm
Heat, acid and erosion resistant nylon
-35 ℃ to 85℃

Each Snatch Pack contains 10 x Cable-Ties (5 black + 5 natural/white) and 2 x PVC tube for joining two cable-ties together.

£3.00 GBP

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This a a rare opportunity to purchase handcuffs that were originally custom made for OscarDelta SPD and currently used
by 4TAC5.COM for their restraint escape, counter custody and counter escape training.

We have an extra 5 available that are surplus to our requirements, so once sold they are gone.
You cannot purchase them anywhere else so they could become a future collectable.

Unlike common 'training handcuffs' these will allow for you to work with them on so you can practice your escape techniques
in the 'cuffed' position. They work just like standard handcuffs but with a cutaway that allows for you to see the working parts
and how they operate when single and double locked.

They have been used worldwide for training select military units so there will be some visible marks etc.

Each handcuff will come with a standard handcuff key.


Black Finish
3 independently moving pawls
6 teeth on each pawl
23 locking positions



Designed and manufactured by Gearward, a Los Angeles based company that focuses on the development of high performance gear for EDC,
urban preparedness, and outdoor survival. The Keychain Duct Tape is an elegant and effective way to integrate duct tape into your Everyday Carry.
It can be refilled over and over again, and its solid, one-piece construction will provide a lifetime of utility.


Made in USA out of solid Brass or Stainless Steel
Matching US Made Keyring
Holds 18" of Gorilla Tape or 24" of Gaffers Tape
2.5" x 0.625" = about the size of tube of chapstick
For further information visit gearward.com

Each Keychain Duct Tape will come pre-loaded with 18 inches of Gorilla Tape.

£20.00 GBP

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Measuring just 6.75mm x 3.25mm this is our smallest glass beaker for tempered glass windows*.

Using the Mohs scale, which is used to test hardness, the score achieved by tungsten carbide is 9.
To put this into context, the only thing that has a higher score than tungsten carbide is a diamond,
which manages to score a rating of 10. As the old saying goes it takes a diamond to cut a diamond but it
also takes a diamond to cut tungsten carbide.

With a mineral hardeness of 9.0 MOHS the MSB-TC will break tempered glass windows with very little effort.

For effective glass breaking a delivery system is required (length of braided cord or shock cord with a diameter no more than 2mm).


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We have tested various shock cords and have found this to be the best quality available.
It is made in the UK by a rope and twine manufacturer that has been established since 1856.

Sold in lengths just over 1ft it is perfect for making an adjustable bracelet to carry and wear
the MSB-TC (Micro Striker Bead - Tungsten Carbide).

Use the Fisherman's Knot to make your bracelet adjustable.

£0.50 GBP

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The Multi Carry Attachment (MCA) is a strong and lightweight spring steel clip designed for belt carry.*
Pocket tools, keys, fobs and other items can be secured via the 120lb stainless steel split ring (included).

* also works well with D Ring attachment inside Stealth Snatch Bag.

Width: 3.5mm
Length: 63.5mm
Weight: 8g
Finish: Chrome

£1.50 GBP

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We first manufactured this custom cord back in 2012 (Google 'SERE GO CORD 960') and over the years we have seen many 'Copy & Paste'
attempts so we have decided to bring back the original and the best at 2012 prices!

SERE GO CORD 960 consists of an inner Braided Technora® core and an outer lightweight GSA compliant nylon kernmantle sheath.
The inner Technora braid contains 16 strands, each with a tensile strength of 60lb!

Tensile strength = avg. 960lb (based on new lines tested under laboratory conditions, and can vary by 10%).
Maximum Length = 100ft
Yield Ft/LB = 504
Denier = 24,000
Elongation = <4%
Materials: USA
Production: UK

- Fatigue Resistance: It has slightly higher resistance to flex fatigue than
Kevlar® and shows little loss of strength even during repeated abrasion, flexing and stretching.
- High Tensile Strength: Strong and light, weight for weight, Technora® is 8 times stronger than steel
and 3 times stronger than fiberglass, polyester or nylon yarns.
- Chemical Resistant: Highly resistant to acids, alkalis and organic
solvents; not vulnerable to damage caused by steam or sea water.
- Heat Resistant: Thermal decomposition threshold of 500℃, so Technora® can
be used at 200℃ for long periods. At 250℃, it maintains more than half of its room-temperature tensile strength.

Not recommended for climbing use. Not to be used as climbing rope.

ITW Nexus TacLink not included.

There are many ways to carry cord & rope and the Alpine Coil shown in the photo the preferred method for many as it's ready for deployment;
simply undo the retention knot and throw the coil of cord where you want it to go whilst ensuring you hold onto the knotted end.

Instructions to make the Alpine Coil can be found @ ITS Tactical


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These 1.5 inch mini light sticks (cyalumes) will glow green for 4hrs.
To activate place on index and middle finger and then use thumb to press down.
Shake until glowing bright green.

£1.00 GBP (2pk)

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Protect your Mini Light Sticks and other small tools (Ceramic Razor Blade, Micro Firesteeel, Slim Shims etc.) with this
SARSTEDT polypropylene 45mm x 10mm crush and waterproof 2ml clear vial with screw cap and rubber o-ring.

£1.00 GBP (2pk)***Tools shown NOT included***

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FR960 Fire Retardant Boot Laces (Gun Metal Grey / Black)


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T72 Hybrid Technora® Boot Laces "Stronger Than Steel"

- Available in 89 different colours
- Standard length for each lace is 72 inches (6ft)
- Custom lengths available to match your standard boot lace



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£7.50 GBP